Monday, April 27, 2009

Television of Today

Finnish broadcasting company 'yle' is in big trouble, peoples are not believing any more the official truth and Internet is going to take over. Big issue is now broadcasting companies and their funding, but let me say that with delay, politicians are going to find out that it does not matter any more, who is sitting on what chair in Yle.

I think it's natural evolution, things will rise and things will die. If you're lucky, you just morphing. I don't know yet will Yle die completely as an instance, but in many eyes it has already done so. And those eyes which are already looking over broadcasting to more competive media, they will stay open longer. That's just life.

I have found my personal television once again, but not in form what broadcasters want. I can choose what I watch, I can participate and contribute. By television is computer, while I sometimes watch a movie or show, I often find myself compiling that new fun program. Or writing something of my own. Closest thing to television is very nice service called 'TV-Kaista', which brings me all Finnish channels to my computer. I am no longer tied to schedules of programs, I can watch them when ever I want and where ever I am.

There are huge benefits for consumers and producers from this kind of concept. Like exact statistics, how many views per show, what are most interesting watching times etc.

This is my television and Madventures III,
join the party!

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