Sunday, July 13, 2008

PS3: incredible!

Today I jumped right into darkness and bought PS3 unit. I was unsure how it would turn out, but in short words; incredible!

Setup was breeze, cables attaching and fire up could not be easier. System updates for PS3 and PSP were fast and worked flawlessly. I also bought MSG4 and GT5 prologue and extra sixaxis controller and after first try outs of those two games were really something I have not seen before. Especially MSG4 was astonishing, I've been into such details in game before. I hardly cannot wait to get my turn with PS3.

Because I lost battle with my daughters, they are utilizing PS3 and service now in fully. This combination would be something I will make noise in future, since I just paid 108 € for a year for having right to own TV, but Yle has not been able to serve me like and now with PS3, I really see IP-television arrival in our living room.

So with PS3, we are able to watch every program broadcasted with in two week (here in Finland) in our primary television set, when ever we want. Stay tuned, this will turn out nice.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

E71 - Finaly right

Acquired E71 for company use and noticed that Nokia has got this piece of art finally right. Maybe they have learned lessons with E90 and polished things out of way before releasing it.

It makes instant feeling for me, that I should replace my E90 with this one. They should have warned me, because it has everything as in E90, except the size. This thing is small.

Looking forward to read user experiences and heard from peoples, how it's working for them before making any fast moves. But still...