Saturday, April 28, 2012

39 GB Available

After getting back from business trip, I was waiting to get my hands on to latest Ubuntu 12.04. As usual, I approached upgrade with new hard drive method.

First I tarred all needed stuff in my home directory (email, docs, GPG keys and development) and prepared USB stick with 64 bit alternate ubuntu. Then I retired my current rotating HD and replaced it with 64 GB SSD. In 5 minutes, ubuntu was in place with encrypted disk configuration and in in another 15 minutes I have extracted all my home directory data back in place.

After this, I get still 39 GB free for my laptop, which is by the way Panasonic CF-F9. Business ruggerized with incredibly fast Samsung 6 Gb/s SSD. Boots fast and shuts down in few seconds.

I really like this approach, because if there is any issues with new installation - I can always return to previous state by taking that previous version HD from safe and I am back on-line. This way also produces me 6 months backup cycle in forms of HD's. In some point I can of course start to rotate those, but so far not.

Best of all, spring is here - I am totally robust with my SSD fired ubuntu 12.04 and encrypted in case of laptop loss. You're welcome.