Sunday, September 5, 2010

Operator position in new era

After I've been experiencing totally closed and controlled eco system of apple, by using that ipad - I've been really thinking world in new ways. I see change is there, peoples are not willing to stick into closed world. But it does need an alternative view and actual alternative world to live in.

Predicting is dangerous business, but I believe that Android and hopefully Meego will create some pressure for Apple and other proprietary worlds to reposition. It's just not acceptable any more that I need itunes to activate my device or to transfer (possibly my created) content from devices. Peoples are starting to wakeup.

While I've been living in Linux cloud for last 15 years, it seems that I am in peaceful and quiet room - where chosen functionality just works and no worries are present. World is solid, controlled by me and data is in safe harbour. Now my visions seem to arrive in same world, when everything we deliver out from door are based in same solidity.

From here I could see new position for future mobile operators. They just cannot tie peoples down in proprietary channels and models any longer. While Nokia has already delivered N900, device which allows you to communicate totally standardised and cross device protocols - things are staring to change. As well opposite to big players, I see macro vendors building up neat solutions for customers and users - where functionality is tailored in great details to support your world, your needs and your solutions. Bringing users to these macro clouds means that adaptation is also made in your macro world. Key to penetrate is that these macro worlds are built by commonly accepted and adopted protocols and allows them to link together without corporate built borders. It will be huge.