Monday, September 7, 2009

Major day

Today, I did one of the biggest decision in my life.

After having thoughtful discussion with my daughter, I understood that we all have problems and worries. Mine are related to technologies, family and future in these times and she has her own in school world. I think we become out fine and therefore I did my decisions today. What was that 'big thing'...?

I announced today to Nokia that I withdraw from senior specialist position, which we signed on July. It's something I've been thinking a whole summer, all my vacation and every spare moments in my life. And question is, why's that ? Reason is simple, I got offered possibility to do full time in my own company, which is good (again, in these times). Of course, it's something that might be harder, but somehow I believe what I know and that's base for all.

Big thanks to loving family, going to be there now.