Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nokia Email service

I lost my capability to send email with N97 Mini. I do have two accounts and they use same smtp server ( with my primary user account (from kolumbus). One is sending email nicely, but another one is giving quite frustrating error when I try to send email. Strange.

This triggered my "one time" usage experiments with Nokia's email system, one which is integrated to N97 Mini and promises to bring my emails immediately to phone. It was not so nice looking application, but what I found really problematic was the fact that all my emails are going through that Nokia server. This privacy invading solution is very problematic for me. I barely trust my operator, but generating some extra services between me and my operator imap server is total nonsense.

So, if possible - stick to native email application without that extra feature, if it works for you. Mine is not working anymore. So, I placed sim once again to another phone from N97 mini. And turned my all IM and emailing to trustworthy Linux laptop (actually I run three of these at the moment) and I am happy with GPG secured emailing.

Follow the leader Nokia.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nokia booklet 3G - Ubuntu thoughts

Next week task is to try out Nokia booklet 3G with latest Ubuntu.

I just loved hardware of booklet, but totally misaligned display adapter (GMA500) is pain for Linux community. And seriously speaking, why would Nokia support more actively booklet for Linux users? Currently Linux offers quite attractive choice for business users, fast web browsing experience and state of the art email clients along OpenOffice is all we need to run our company.

This remind me last week news, where Kallasvuo seems to be end of line at Nokia. Compare this to Steve J's straight statements against Adobe. Strong vision should carry you long way and pleasing everybody might be possible in Finnish family life, but in business you have to choose your sides. After playing for decades in this business segment, I would say that Nokia should choose following; Linux, Meego and hardware. Drop rest.

Ubuntu 10.04 on Thinkpad Edge

Last week was excellent show. New ubuntu, almost new laptop and new SSD disk. I must admit that if I ever would like to pay operating system or support, I would do it for Ubuntu team. My professional computing needs are more than fulfilled with this excellent combination.

Now I am booting faster than ever, enjoying encrypted hard drive and very polished outlook of whole system, to put it simple; I am impressed. Good work guys.