Sunday, February 10, 2013

Toughbook CF-C2

Last week I got latest and small Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2. Fine little machine with Ubuntu 12.10 is something to look for if you're mobile warrior.

Current ubuntu kernel does not support Wacom touch display (USB ID: 056a:0101 Wacom Co., Ltd) or Sierrawireless 3G (USB ID: 1199:9011 Sierra Wireless, Inc.), but I bet this get sorted out shortly.

I am currently active with these computers in our daily business; Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 & CF-C2, Mac book Pro 13" (retina) and 11" Air. I keep diverting my data, tasks and deliverables over multiple computers partly as backup and version upgrades.

For example, I keep currently Ubuntu 12.10 for main main embedded coding computer (CF-53) and when 13.04 rolls in, I can upgrade CF-C2 first and see how compliers act. No surprises no fuss. Of course computers alone are not only thing which keeps rolling, another measure is removable HD's in these Toughbooks. When new version of OS needs to be applied, it's easy for new HD and old one in safe. Backup and versions, all in that.


Few words about ubuntu installation on that CF-C2. I never booted Windows 8, USB stick in and installation of 12.10 (32bit/PAE) started. Encrypted HD partitioning and I was in fresh installation in 10 minutes. Compare that to Windows activation. Then I tarred my home directory, dropped tar and extracted it in place. All emails, encryption keys and documents tidy and fresh in.

So - I kind of jump start this way every time I need refresh in OS and computers. And I am actually quite convinced that all my competitors should stay in Windows.