Monday, October 26, 2009

Phone adventures

I have played a lot with this Nokia 5530, with touch screen and music. It's a nice phone, but still - something missing. Mainly keyboard and logic of S60 with touch is something totally awful. No wonder why Nokia is dumbing Symbian in favor to Maemo.

After a 5530, I played a bit with my HTC Hero, but it's something too fragile and a bit too unusable for me. I wonder why touch screen keyboard is not so bad as in 5530, but it must be the size of screen or something. From HTC Hero I returned to Samsung B2700, which is nice phone - but lacks a bit usability compared to Nokia S40 series.

But somehow I needed a bit robustness, usability and set of features and ended up to Nokia 3720 today. It's really nice looking unit, making it easy to use and fast. Somehow after S60, this feels just right. It has no 3G or fancy wanna be features from S60. Just plain phone. Mostly I like touch of text messaging in this, it's fast and easy. Almost as good as my E71.