Sunday, December 21, 2008

3G connection in ubuntu 8.10

I have never seen such a smooth configuration of 3G connection like in my ubuntu 8.10 based Panasonic CF-W7 laptop. After one upgrade weeks ago, ubuntu has notified me every time I log on, that there is a device available for 3G connection.

Few days ago when I got my fixed priced sim card back, I decided to press that 'configure' button. It was simply amazing, dialogs offered me Finland and all operators available. I chose my own (Elisa) and it was done.

Now I have really working 3G connection with "Bus 001 Device 004: ID 1410:2420 Novatel Wireless" modem. Ok, it has never before been difficult to make ppp dialup, but this new approach was really easy :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

I have billions of money and...

Nokia put out ovi service with good amount of hype and I tried to register. But as you can see: 'ovi has a problem'...

It's really strange, resources like Nokia and you cannot still make it work. Shame Nokia.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Focusing feeling

Few days of ubuntu 8.10 has really been pleasure. I just could not remember how nice it is, when your computer starts up fast and when you instruct it to shutdown it just does that. With out extra questions or anything.

After last upgrade HAL has updated with correct vendor id's to recognize my internal 3G modem in this laptop and so on. I really see linux as an potential.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two days in home

I feels right, totally right. My shift to ubuntu from kubuntu has proven a case. It might be interesting, if I could clearly spot out those things which took me away from kubuntu. I hardly can do it, since it's also state of mind, but following things were really anoying in kubuntu (kde 4.1):
  • Stability. Dolphin among other programs kept crashing.
  • Visual problems. Firefox and thunderbird suffered from scrollbar bug. Firefox was totally broken to render pages with select buttons and dropdowns. Very strange.
  • Desktop switching. I got addicted to ubuntu's excellent feature where mouse wheel on desktop switches current desktop. I could not find such a feature in kde?
  • Desktop 'glass'. I like my desktop more to be accesable for some icons and temporary data. I did not like kde's current approach where desktop has only widgets.
  • Mapping shares and accessing those was somehow problematic.
So now with ubuntu and it does not stand in my way.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Laptop to ubuntu

Yes, I did it. Bought couple of spare HD's for laptop, changed kubuntu HD to empty one and installed ubuntu 8.10 on it. In hour I have migrated two of my primary computers to ubuntu 8.10 with out problems.

I have both old HD's in spare, in case I have forgot to backup something I need.

Way to go with Linux, try same with windows and find yourself in registering nightmare :)

1 h and up

I started this morning my fresh install to ubuntu 8.10 and it took about an hour to complete. My strategy for fresh installs are always to replace my HD with new one, leaving old one as a reversing backup. It's easy and cheap way to keep everything in place, in case of forgetting something in old install (who says I've done that..).

Now I have totally nicely working firefox (with KDE it has terrible problems) along everything else in in place, including vmware 2.0 server for development use. And one more thing with gnome is the support for encrypted usb memories, it's much more integrated than in KDE 4.

ubuntu:1 kubuntu:0

After playing around latest kubuntu 8.10, I found it totally difficult to adjust my mental phase into it. Even I've been heavy KDE user in times of 3.x versions, I found now 4.x very problematic. Somehow I could not handle dolphin as my file manager and desktop is not feeling like home any more.

I think that this might relate to the fact how KDE 4.x feels to the user, it feels like complicated to me as it currently is. I tried for month or so to adjust myself into KDE 4.x mode, but it was difficult. I felt my productivity decrease and after that I was forced to get back ubuntu 8.10.

Now my primary desktop has ubuntu 8.10 and in laptop I still have kubuntu 8.10. But it feels so much more better with ubuntu, I think I will switch back to ubuntu also on laptop soon.

Let you know how it gets :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Business as usual

I just updated my infrastructure to kubuntu 8.10. Both desktop and laptop. Desktop is HP5800 and laptop is Panasonic Toughbook CF-W7. I really enjoyed how easy it was.

Panasonic CF-W7 has integrated 3G modem, which works nicely with kppp. It has saved my day several times, while on run and urgent need to email or web. I hardly would belive that I never acquire laptop without integrated 3G.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Linux is here

Yes, it has been adventurous autumn and sure economy is jumping. But one thing is stabilizing in now and it's Linux. Have you seen Linux in place, where you have seen symbian before. I've heard a story.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Summer is gone

It's been incredibly nice summer, lot's of things were happening and my computing has stabilized to all linux platforms in work and in home. I have also noticed that whole family of us is totally in Linux, our last windows laptop got broken months ago and every one is on Linux now.

Asus Eee PC has a place with my kids, while I am personally relying to Panasonic CF-W7 and HP 6710b with ubuntu and kubuntu. Wife is also happy with she's linux laptop.

Balmer; find your linux distro soon, clouds are disapearing :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

PS3: incredible!

Today I jumped right into darkness and bought PS3 unit. I was unsure how it would turn out, but in short words; incredible!

Setup was breeze, cables attaching and fire up could not be easier. System updates for PS3 and PSP were fast and worked flawlessly. I also bought MSG4 and GT5 prologue and extra sixaxis controller and after first try outs of those two games were really something I have not seen before. Especially MSG4 was astonishing, I've been into such details in game before. I hardly cannot wait to get my turn with PS3.

Because I lost battle with my daughters, they are utilizing PS3 and service now in fully. This combination would be something I will make noise in future, since I just paid 108 € for a year for having right to own TV, but Yle has not been able to serve me like and now with PS3, I really see IP-television arrival in our living room.

So with PS3, we are able to watch every program broadcasted with in two week (here in Finland) in our primary television set, when ever we want. Stay tuned, this will turn out nice.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

E71 - Finaly right

Acquired E71 for company use and noticed that Nokia has got this piece of art finally right. Maybe they have learned lessons with E90 and polished things out of way before releasing it.

It makes instant feeling for me, that I should replace my E90 with this one. They should have warned me, because it has everything as in E90, except the size. This thing is small.

Looking forward to read user experiences and heard from peoples, how it's working for them before making any fast moves. But still...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Symbian and Nokia

Hmm, I though that Nokia was moving towards Linux with speed, but it seems that I was little bit off with that. They announced those plans with Symbian and open source, so it will be partly right what I was hoping. Good and open environment for development is in their sights.

But still, I hope that Linux would penetrate much more with mobiles. Symbian is so difficult and I wonder would it be too late to have this kind of approach changes? I recognize some similarity in this way of Nokias reactions to my day time job (which is governmental) , where everything which happens is because some one is pushing you. Not because you want to be active by yourself.

I have seen this kind of reactions a lot from Nokia, starting from clamshell phones, qwerty-models, GPS, touch screens, openness etc. They are all the things which some one else seemed to get lead at first, but which were announced with delay from Nokia also.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Small things make the summer

Small is beautiful. Like this combination of N810 and Asus Eee PC. Today I spent 5 minutes with Asus Eee PC and Nokia E90, just to make sure that I could use E90 as a dial up connection. I worked nicely, I just followed some detailed instruction and I was running in no time.

I also did some experiment with maemo mapper, it has really grown a lot. I managed to get NLS maps, among google and others. I really like that application. Then I spent couple of hours at our new office, just to build infrastructure ready. I managed to setup SMF forum and Zoneminder for video surveillance, so things are getting ready soon.

It seems that with N810 and Asus, I am again in situation where I consider that big E90 thing. Is it too much for me, since now I can access most of things with these two small ones. Who knows :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Business analyzing

Mid summer here in Finland. Sky is dark, clouds are low and city is empty. So it would be perfect time to issue some analyzing for economy related issues. I just read from news that Nokia is lacking new models, compared to other manufactures. I personally bet that this has something to do with already announced Linux presence in Nokia devices. Why build up history, when you could build future?

So, let there be lot's of new Linux spirit in Nokia and good challenge from Google and other Linux vendors. And remember, gaming consoles and ICT should be bought from different firms :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

See ya windows...

Amazing times, I've struggled with this asus eee pc's keyboard and witnessed windows to leave behind. This all was so clear after I heard that one of my colleague (who is kind of windows guy) was spending whole night updating firefox on every machine and desperately waiting for new suse version 11. If windows admin waits for suse 11 and spends his free time to update various firefoxes, we certainly can say; bye bye windows...

I kind of like this Asus Eee PC. it's small, little bit too small - but on the other hand very capable to be where no laptop has been before. I think I will try ubuntu in this.

Asus Eee PC

Yesterday I bought Asus Eee PC (4GB) for 299 €. I must say that this is small, way too small. I don't know yet how usable, but I am excited. What I found very interesting, is the fact that this can do all linux tricks nicely. Adblock for Firefox and GPG for email encryption is there.

I bet microsoft is scared at the moment. Their Vista is far from this experience, where users want computers to act like instant on devices. Linux serves just so nicely of that purpose here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blog activity map

While observing Google analytics map of my blog activity, it's nice to notice how Sweden is empty as darkest Africa.. They probably know that we are Nokia country and we do not provide any Ericsson solutions either in this blog.

And what keeps me very happy is the obvious conclusion, that those blank countries are happy with windows based solutions - since Linux based solutions are bringing readers in, others are out.

Living on the edge

Yes, it seemed like doomsday to be away from by 8M connection for couple of critical business days - but this is not so bad at all. I am still connected and environment supports productivity rising.

So, living on Elisa's EDGE network is viable solution for all our technology addicts, I've proved it during these two days. My Panasonic CF-W7 is having it's internal 3G modem connected with EDGE speeds and I am connected.

And while enjoying this Ubuntu powered toughbook, I can be sure that it's not downloading any 100 megabytes service packs or other nonsense, over that mobile link.

Nokia: Switch to Linux ?

We are living in very special times, Nokia is presenting it's future on Linux based handsets and microsoft is vanishing from computers due EEE PC and another's.

I feel kind of proud, since building my own expertise and business around various open source technologies (and specially in Linux) seems to be very smart move. I am also very excited since our fresh business model is based heavily on open source components and Linux based mobility.

So, good bye micro$oft and welcome Linux.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nokia Maps 2.0

Yesterday I activated Nokia Maps 2.0 subscription to my E90. It worked, which is quite amazing since I had a bad vibes of that openbit licensing concept. I have still not enough experience how navigation works, but at least now I can try it. I also updated latest Google Maps for E90, so I can start comparing..

And other thing to wait for is ofcourse Asus EEE PC, which should be available next week. Let this be Linux summer, I say.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nokia, ugly devices

It hits me really, week in European seminar and I am holder of ugliest devices here. As I have E90 and E61i with me, others are cooling with their iPhones and Blackberries. Nokia, what you do about it?

Nokia, you devices are lacking and still looking like Engineering Sample - compared to others. They are delivered late, they try to include everything - but still limited by S60 (especially it's browser).

Your Linux phones should be here now, community has the power now and you are keeping them out with your outdated and cumbersome S60 platforms.

Maemo is only thing in my 810 which is impressing peoples here, for my S60 fleet they are laughing..

It's not so great to be Finnish anymore :(

Saturday, May 24, 2008

E90 updated

Updated my Mocca E90 to latest software version with NSU and yes, now it's like it should have been from a start. I also downloaded new Maps 2.0 application, but navigation license is still off from this deal.

Why I would like to pay navigation, while Google Maps in E90 brings working routing and GPS plotting on the Google Map? It's not voice guidance and it's not autorouting, but still it's manually very usable and have guided me to various places for free. Think about it Nokia.

After upgraded my curret phone, I swiched my company E90 off and equiped it with suitable sticker (as can be seen from attached picture)...

And yes, now we just wait for those Linux phones from Nokia. I just can't wait to get my hands on those.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still for N810 and GPG

To clarify one blog comment of N810 support for GPG, I just want to say that my plans included some application building inside N810 where encryption plays significant role. But as N810 in built GPG does not support encryption, I think I should compile full version of gpg to N810 by myself ?

Strange world, but I kind of like it ;)

vmware installation to ubuntu 8.04

I did vmware installation with these instructions. It was easy and now I am able to run that one and only windows software I need. One compiler. So, thanks for community for giving fast response in vmware installation and of course, vmware for such a great product.

Now I just wonder, where to find ubuntu upgrade descriptions?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

ubuntu 8.04

I just wonder, how great this has become. Just last week I installed latest ubuntu 8.04 to my CF-W7 and even it's fresh, it's still working good.

I also installed vmware server (not so easy, but should be in future when repositories have it), integrated 3G module and some other programs I need daily.

My current business relies heavily into usage of ubuntu and various other open source components and I have never felt so good with this. So big thanks to ubuntu teams!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

ubuntu in business

I must say once again, that ubuntu works like a charm in my business environment. Thunderbird servers as GPG'ed email client between our team, ssh tunnels gives me an encrypted access to servers and applications and vmware runs that one windows computer as virtual one, which I do need.

It's simple and very efficient, no more license counting or activation troubles. Install, expand and use.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trip with CF-W7

Last week I spent good while with my new work horse Panasonic CF-W7. I managed to get 3G working among other things and while waiting next Ubuntu release I think I found my next tool.

From my experience, I see strong opportunity for this kind of all in one light notebook. It's not ideal for coding, but business related actions are more pleasant with this.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ubuntu experiments in dynamic world

I don't know how I have manage always to get into constant state of change. Now I have found myself in changing mobile computer once again, due the fact that my HP6710 has become so precisions that I have to leave it home when departing.

I acquired new Panasonic CF-W7 laptop and installed ubuntu from scratch. I tarred my project directories, thunderbird and gpg keys. And I am on the run.

I just wonder, if I have to do this with windows, I could spend days to installing that Office and other proprietary softwares and struggle with activation/registration nightmare. Now I have platform with all necessary capabilities in base system and user data and some minor applications needs to be installed before switch.

See you, Microsoft.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Panasonic CF-W7 with Ubuntu

While spinning real fast, I managed to acquire Panasonic Toughbook CF-W7 for traveling computer. With 2 G memory, small form factor and integrated 3G module.

I think hardware is great, but as Panasonic and Novatel cannot support Linux, I ended up again into hacking things up. I noticed that vendor and product id's of integrated Expedite EU870D module are like: 1410:2420. I can access module with minicom in Ubuntu after I load usbserial module with: "modprobe usbserial vendor=0x1410 product=0x2420" - but still, I think Novatel sucks a lot.

It cannot support any AT command which I happen to know and responses from Panasonic and Novatel are like; "Give us an NDA and we reveal more". Hey, I just want my computer up and running!

But anyway, I noticed that community is doing great job. They already included new product and vendor id's into usbserial module option.c and forthcoming kernels can do tricks once again and without any NDA crap from Panasonic and Novatel. (I also wonder how it ended, Novatel's recruiting for Linux expertise which was on their site a year ago?). And to make story perfect, I have not heard a thing from Novatel support about the Linux and AT command support (submitted at 21.2.2008).

But one thing keeps me happy and it's Finland toughbook team. Great guys with good attitude!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Elisa - first bill

I finally got my first bill from Elisa. It was packet of 400 minutes of speech, 400 sms's and fixed data plan (of 384 kbit/s). There were few abroad calls beside normal use. I was kind of surprised when I noticed 66 € total.

It was not so bad. I was getting used to my wifes Sonera, which has been over 100 € always.

Friday, March 21, 2008

E90, should I get one

I've been looking to change my personal phone (6210C) to more advanced one. Seriously speaking I have really considered E90 to be my next. I really need something to have more sms cabability, so E61i or E90 could be the thing.

Otherhand, my business includes a lot PGP'ed emailing and this is out of reach with current E90 and variants. So, should it be really small linux based laptop (asus EEE?) - since N810 has no encrypting enabled in GPG.

Strange days!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back in E90

Yes, it's been really a while since last post but here it goes again. I've been very busy with family, day job and my fresh business. I've simply been around Finland and abroad a lot. I tried to learn some time handling procedures, which includes so far following attempts;

1. I registered to GooSync to have my personal phone (6120C) in sync with google calendar.
2. I installed sunbird plugin to mozilla email client, which synchronizes nicely with google calendar.
3. Changed my day job phone back to E90, due GPS and keyboard.
4. Used a LOT of N810, which is great device for web, im and skype.

But there is still issue with personal vs day job side. As soon as I can tell which to prefer, I think I need E90 to replace 6120C.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Busy year 2008

It's been a while, I really have been busy. Met lot of interesting peoples, witnessed very nice Linux usage applications and farewelled microsoft in various implementations.

As I've been now two months with N810 and 6120C, I must say that it's all I need. Beside of that mobile approach, I've been really glad with this HP 6710p with ubuntu. It's really kicking.

And of course, I must say that something (for a long time) which I could buy, is this: Check it out. It ties my 6120C and mozilla thunderbird calendar plugin together very nicely! Check some details out from here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Year 2008

I will face new year with new operator plan (Elisa, fixed 3G data) and Nokia N810 Internet tablet. It will be interesting, so far it has been fun. I really hope that this mobile computing and communication could bring something more than ordinary phone experience.

I also hope that our plans with our business is taking positive swing, since it could really be interesting.

Happy new year.