Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Symbian and Nokia

Hmm, I though that Nokia was moving towards Linux with speed, but it seems that I was little bit off with that. They announced those plans with Symbian and open source, so it will be partly right what I was hoping. Good and open environment for development is in their sights.

But still, I hope that Linux would penetrate much more with mobiles. Symbian is so difficult and I wonder would it be too late to have this kind of approach changes? I recognize some similarity in this way of Nokias reactions to my day time job (which is governmental) , where everything which happens is because some one is pushing you. Not because you want to be active by yourself.

I have seen this kind of reactions a lot from Nokia, starting from clamshell phones, qwerty-models, GPS, touch screens, openness etc. They are all the things which some one else seemed to get lead at first, but which were announced with delay from Nokia also.

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