Sunday, January 15, 2012

Year 2012

Happy new year to everyone! This is first posting on 2012 and hopefully not last. I've been taking easy for couple of weeks, making some table cleaning at work and getting rid of my two 27" displays and moving totally to CF-F9 user in there also. I shall recommend this to every one once in a while. My 27"'s were bought back in 2007 when we launched our business and I've been really satisfied with them. But time to try something new.

All in one place (this CF-F9) makes backups and version handling easy. No more unity sync between laptop and desktop etc. Still I need to figure out how to handle spare computing issue, because business cannot stand even 30 minute break because of computing issues. I keep you posted.

Finally I also checked out what were search engine words which were used to find this blog of mine and few Nokia stuff of course but interestingly Mac vs. Ubuntu fight is going on in peoples mind. They keep searching answers for that. I am owner of Mac Air and my main computing gear runs Ubuntu anyway, so there are things to tell. I cannot but it on brief easily, but somehow if I had to describe use of those platforms I would say that engineering is Ubuntu and creativity is Mac. I just feel empty handed if I try to do my development business with Mac, I tried a lot but with no luck.

So now I am running Ubuntu with my toughbook. I recommend this.