Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Symbian and Nokia

Hmm, I though that Nokia was moving towards Linux with speed, but it seems that I was little bit off with that. They announced those plans with Symbian and open source, so it will be partly right what I was hoping. Good and open environment for development is in their sights.

But still, I hope that Linux would penetrate much more with mobiles. Symbian is so difficult and I wonder would it be too late to have this kind of approach changes? I recognize some similarity in this way of Nokias reactions to my day time job (which is governmental) , where everything which happens is because some one is pushing you. Not because you want to be active by yourself.

I have seen this kind of reactions a lot from Nokia, starting from clamshell phones, qwerty-models, GPS, touch screens, openness etc. They are all the things which some one else seemed to get lead at first, but which were announced with delay from Nokia also.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Small things make the summer

Small is beautiful. Like this combination of N810 and Asus Eee PC. Today I spent 5 minutes with Asus Eee PC and Nokia E90, just to make sure that I could use E90 as a dial up connection. I worked nicely, I just followed some detailed instruction and I was running in no time.

I also did some experiment with maemo mapper, it has really grown a lot. I managed to get NLS maps, among google and others. I really like that application. Then I spent couple of hours at our new office, just to build infrastructure ready. I managed to setup SMF forum and Zoneminder for video surveillance, so things are getting ready soon.

It seems that with N810 and Asus, I am again in situation where I consider that big E90 thing. Is it too much for me, since now I can access most of things with these two small ones. Who knows :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Business analyzing

Mid summer here in Finland. Sky is dark, clouds are low and city is empty. So it would be perfect time to issue some analyzing for economy related issues. I just read from news that Nokia is lacking new models, compared to other manufactures. I personally bet that this has something to do with already announced Linux presence in Nokia devices. Why build up history, when you could build future?

So, let there be lot's of new Linux spirit in Nokia and good challenge from Google and other Linux vendors. And remember, gaming consoles and ICT should be bought from different firms :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

See ya windows...

Amazing times, I've struggled with this asus eee pc's keyboard and witnessed windows to leave behind. This all was so clear after I heard that one of my colleague (who is kind of windows guy) was spending whole night updating firefox on every machine and desperately waiting for new suse version 11. If windows admin waits for suse 11 and spends his free time to update various firefoxes, we certainly can say; bye bye windows...

I kind of like this Asus Eee PC. it's small, little bit too small - but on the other hand very capable to be where no laptop has been before. I think I will try ubuntu in this.

Asus Eee PC

Yesterday I bought Asus Eee PC (4GB) for 299 €. I must say that this is small, way too small. I don't know yet how usable, but I am excited. What I found very interesting, is the fact that this can do all linux tricks nicely. Adblock for Firefox and GPG for email encryption is there.

I bet microsoft is scared at the moment. Their Vista is far from this experience, where users want computers to act like instant on devices. Linux serves just so nicely of that purpose here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blog activity map

While observing Google analytics map of my blog activity, it's nice to notice how Sweden is empty as darkest Africa.. They probably know that we are Nokia country and we do not provide any Ericsson solutions either in this blog.

And what keeps me very happy is the obvious conclusion, that those blank countries are happy with windows based solutions - since Linux based solutions are bringing readers in, others are out.

Living on the edge

Yes, it seemed like doomsday to be away from by 8M connection for couple of critical business days - but this is not so bad at all. I am still connected and environment supports productivity rising.

So, living on Elisa's EDGE network is viable solution for all our technology addicts, I've proved it during these two days. My Panasonic CF-W7 is having it's internal 3G modem connected with EDGE speeds and I am connected.

And while enjoying this Ubuntu powered toughbook, I can be sure that it's not downloading any 100 megabytes service packs or other nonsense, over that mobile link.

Nokia: Switch to Linux ?

We are living in very special times, Nokia is presenting it's future on Linux based handsets and microsoft is vanishing from computers due EEE PC and another's.

I feel kind of proud, since building my own expertise and business around various open source technologies (and specially in Linux) seems to be very smart move. I am also very excited since our fresh business model is based heavily on open source components and Linux based mobility.

So, good bye micro$oft and welcome Linux.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nokia Maps 2.0

Yesterday I activated Nokia Maps 2.0 subscription to my E90. It worked, which is quite amazing since I had a bad vibes of that openbit licensing concept. I have still not enough experience how navigation works, but at least now I can try it. I also updated latest Google Maps for E90, so I can start comparing..

And other thing to wait for is ofcourse Asus EEE PC, which should be available next week. Let this be Linux summer, I say.