Friday, July 10, 2015

Ubuntu Mate 15.04 to Toughpad

Based on my experiences on CF-AX2, I decided also reinstall Toughpad FZ-M1 with Mate version. And yes, it's beautiful and working. I did some font size tweaking to 16 px fonts and 7" screen serves my eyes pretty ok.

And same thing applies, Mate runs much more responsive even on this Celeron based hardware.

Panasonic CF-AX2 with Ubuntu-Mate 15.04

After installing Ubuntu 15.04 to Toughbook CF-AX2, I noticed quite heavy CPU and graphics adapter usage due compiz. I decided to give this little fellow an ease by installing Ubuntu Mate 15.04 for it. And how surprised I was. I ran cooler and lot more responsive than with Compiz equipped Ubuntu.

One thing was missing, with two finger scroll on touchpad - I could not find an option to invert scrolling direction to "natural scrolling". DConf editor trick described in various forum posts did not affect, but founding this solved problem:

1. Open file (with sudo) for editing:


2. Add these lines to first "InputClass" section in

synclient VertScrollDelta=-111 
synclient HorizScrollDelta=-111

And it works.