Saturday, March 2, 2013

Panasonic CF-AX2 with Linux

Friday is most exciting day in a week, always. It allows you to explore and move further. Like I did yesterday. Picked up my brand new CF-AX2, Panasonic Toughbook family member.

Our company "Zero Windows" policy allowed me to explore new things and install latest Ubuntu 12.10 into this small and beautiful ultrabook. So no Windows booted at this time, like never before.

Regading CF-AX2's hardware, I must say it's way beyond my expectations. I have been carried Mac Air 11" before and this is way much similar thing. Things which worked out of box with ubuntu 12.10 are Display, Sound, Hibernating and Touchscreen (!). Gobi3000 3G does not get recognized, but I might tweak it later on. 

Our company projects run around Linux and this little computer is great member when running with latest Ubuntu 12.10. Big thanks for Panasonic for making things compatible with Linux.