Friday, August 28, 2009

Nokia N900 - answer is arrived

Wait is over. Thing which I've been talking endlessly is announced now. Nokia is offering Linux based phone for all of us.

I see this as big thing, since 770 tablet, N800 and N810 was showing a way for me and I knew that great thing would be combined GSM/3G communication for the platform.

I hardly cannot wait to get my hands on this. I really enjoy to get some coding done for this one, I just have to hope that Nokia is offering full access to every part of phone. I have big plans for m2m communication and other interesting uses.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HTC Hero

Before my holiday in Spain, I managed to get HTC Hero for evaluation. And I must say that it's really something after crappy symbian phones (mainly E71). Customized user interface with capacitive touch screen is ease to use and modify, sms threading is joy to use and other features are very attractive, compared to any symbian device.

No wonder Nokia is afraid at the moment. They leaked N900 to promote their Maemo phone line, which is starting very slowly and uncertain steps. What we need, is strong indication that Nokia will drop Symbian and focus to Maemo and Linux communities.

After buying my Samsung B2700 I said that I will never ever acquire Symbian phone and it is still valid statement. I've been using now Samsung B2700 and HTC Hero and yes, they are both very capable. Basic ruggerized phone and Linux based flag ship.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Samsung B5702

I must say that something hit me. I acquired second Samsung phone in a week. I was searching phone with multi sim capability and came across the fact that in Finland there were no such thing. Which I think is unforgiving!

While visiting colleagues in Estonia, I was able to spot this wonderful phone from Samsung. Samsung B5702. It hosts two sim cards simultaneously and both of them are registered to network constantly. So, when ever some one tries to reach you from another operator, it succeeds.

Only thing, which is preventing to utilising this fully is lack of Finnish set of language in phone. I can accept that user interface is in English, but when there is no T9 dictionary and our alphabets (ä,ö) available in text messages, I think it's tough. Let's see if I can reach some one in Samsung to answer me for this.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

From Nokia W71 to Samsung B2700

Got tired of my Nokia E71, because it was slow and symbian is so yesterday. While waiting Nokia Linux phones and tablets, I took liberty to change phone to Samsung B2700. It's a bit robust one and should support essentials things for me.

I have made my personal communication strategy and Samsung will be part of that. More of that in coming days. I have big things in my mind.