Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Samsung B5702

I must say that something hit me. I acquired second Samsung phone in a week. I was searching phone with multi sim capability and came across the fact that in Finland there were no such thing. Which I think is unforgiving!

While visiting colleagues in Estonia, I was able to spot this wonderful phone from Samsung. Samsung B5702. It hosts two sim cards simultaneously and both of them are registered to network constantly. So, when ever some one tries to reach you from another operator, it succeeds.

Only thing, which is preventing to utilising this fully is lack of Finnish set of language in phone. I can accept that user interface is in English, but when there is no T9 dictionary and our alphabets (ä,ö) available in text messages, I think it's tough. Let's see if I can reach some one in Samsung to answer me for this.

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