Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HTC Hero

Before my holiday in Spain, I managed to get HTC Hero for evaluation. And I must say that it's really something after crappy symbian phones (mainly E71). Customized user interface with capacitive touch screen is ease to use and modify, sms threading is joy to use and other features are very attractive, compared to any symbian device.

No wonder Nokia is afraid at the moment. They leaked N900 to promote their Maemo phone line, which is starting very slowly and uncertain steps. What we need, is strong indication that Nokia will drop Symbian and focus to Maemo and Linux communities.

After buying my Samsung B2700 I said that I will never ever acquire Symbian phone and it is still valid statement. I've been using now Samsung B2700 and HTC Hero and yes, they are both very capable. Basic ruggerized phone and Linux based flag ship.

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