Saturday, February 5, 2011

Magazines with iPad

Spent some time travelling, week was awesome and things worked out well. On that trip, I was able to explore possibilities of iPad in global world. I was very pleased when Linux Journal emailed that my latest issue was downloadable and I got magazine delivered directly to iPad, while watching sandstorm behind my window. That was nice.

Second thing was that while sleeping, iPad was getting Finnish tv shows for my consumption on coming trip home. Awesome experience again and made possible by service.

What's so special about this? I tell you. These both models which I use, I have paid and which I do promote - are considered to be against all media companies opinion how things should be handled. LJ is delivering issues non DRM'ed format, plain PDF files and therefore 'threat' for publisher is imminent loss of control and incomes. How's that possible? Think about it.

Secondly. service is under investigation and guess who has filed case. Yle, MTV Media, Nelonen, Sanoma Television, Kopiosto. I like to spell out my opinion about this case here.

If I have paid my fee for television (in Finland 244,90 € / year) and I have permission to record programs for personal use and consumption with my digital receiving unit (to HD) - why on earth I cannot use this also as an service. I mean, those guys at service are offering this equal capability to use personal digital program recorder in a way that 2011 is supposed to.

Since I know that this blog is followed in Sanoma corporation, I really hope that they could gain some innovations by themselves, before neutralizing others. Now it's very different case.