Sunday, March 21, 2010

Android wishes

After travelling quite a bit, I found out following things which would make my android experiences perfect;
  • Integrate Jabber client (speech and IM) to android
  • Offer flash support for browser
  • Hardware keyboard please
My N900 is offering these and I just like them, for example last week in London, I sat by Thames in London eye and spoke with Jabber voip calls to Finland with free wlan connection. Follow me.

If nexus one would offer these, it would be such a wonderful device. Keyboard is one requirement for serious emailing and IM messaging.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Android developments

I have never done any Java, but Linux is familiar. Despite of that, I just completed my first two android applications - based on documentation and sample codes. One was helloworld and another was displaying map for me. Amazing. On the side I downloaded two sample applications for SMS handling to explore them further in near future.

This is the thing I was explaining to Qil at talk. Give tools, give documentation and peoples bring software. No matter how pure is your concept, if you hide - no one can find.

I really hope that meego changes problems of Maemo, since if that does not happen - things are better built on Android.

Nexus is here

I bought yesterday my Nexus One from Local store has them on stock and they are US version, based on charger they have. I switched immediately sim from N900 to Nexus to check it out. What strikes me is lightness of that phone after N900, which is kind of brick.

First feelings are mixed, I still do not like touch screen only phones. Keyboards are so much better for serious typing and messaging. Other thing is that I just cannot like without N900's IM-support (jabber at first, skype in second). If there is truly working, open and integrated solution for Android, things get hard.

Reason for Nexus for me is some development things which I need to explore. I did some initial things with N900 and maemo, but it turned out so frustrating to hunt down information of certain functions on Let's see if Android is any better, if not - I start to solder my own phone.