Friday, August 31, 2007

E90 in service

I took my company E90 to service this week. Problem number one was microphone with that famous noise and two is of course keyboard markings on display. Guy told me that there is new thinner keyboard availabe as fix.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Internet company - Nokia ?

This is fun, years ago when I did spoke in various forums about the MMS vs. emailing in those new Nokia smartphones - everyone smashed my thoughts. It was clearly visible that robust and mature internet protocols would make much more sense, than some 'I have to wear this suit' coder inventions for MMS.

It took around three years from Nokia, to build up this huge new strategy - where 'internet' is key for everything. Once, I have to admit that when microsoft was made to have same kind of turnover (with windows 95) to internet (from msn-network) - they did it fast.

Now there is new question: was that three years with MMS- and other operator preferred approaches too much ? If Nokia is seeing internet possibilities @2008, I think they are late, way too late. They kicked networks out to siemens and now they don't have to obey operators and if they want, there can really be open, free and usable innovations in field of internet communication.

But still. Are they able to do it? I think they should listen a lot those real engineers, who play with Linux and other standard implementations of future technology. From my point of view, they are still little off track. Licensing DRM stuff from microsoft is one example.

Be big and be a star, but know what is important.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Certificates and S60

Last week I learned a lot. I played with SSL certificates, made some CA functionality and I was able to get S60 devices working without security warnings with my servers. This is going to be fun.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Busines as usual

I've read ton's of postings in various forums, like Nokia support discussions and (in Finnish) where peoples are becoming really frustrated regarding Nokia's ignorance of E90 problems.

Especially I am amazed the Nokia policy about Nokia support discussions, where users can guess between each others what might be the reason behind every problem they see. I think this kind of 'official support' powered by ordinary users is worthless. Strongly moderated support forum backed up with Nokia's official response would be the thing - not this.

My summary of E90 problems are still valid:
  • Hardware issues regarding the keyboard markings on inner display. Nothing new in there, test market in Finland has proved the case.
  • Curren E90's software (S60) is far from usable in communicator form.
  • Hardware could support Maemo platform and thereafter you don't have to promote 'port your application to S60' (which is fading anyway) to developers.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nokia: Fastest product with Open source

I enjoyed a lot of this good article in linux devices website, how Nokia turned community and open source stuff into great product line.

Wikipedia page of N800

Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's spreading: E90 disappointments

Today I witnessed side heard phone conversation between two of my colleagues, they were discussing about getting rid of their brand new E90's. Both of those has been previously 9300i users like me and their disappointment was real and very describing for current E90 situation.

I really wish luck for Enterprise sector in Nokia, since I think they could stand some negative rain, but this is really turning into storm.

Bye Bye E90

After my vacation with E90, I moved all my business communication to trustworthy E61i and *it felt good*.

Currenly I think that E90 is hardware monster, laptop like wanabe with insufficient 'candybar' operating system topped with hardware design problems. This makes me move forward (or backward).

I also bought my first personal GSM phone yesterday. Main reason for this was the fact that I want to divert my personal contacts into always available phone and carry business with me, only when needed. This Nokia 6120c is small and capable, I think perfect for the situation.

So currently E61i for business and 6120c for personal use.

Monday, August 6, 2007

E90 versions

After a week in Spain, I've returned just to found out that colleague of mine has acquired new E90 (mocha). I was urgent to see differences between his and mine E90 (which was bought from very first red batch).

1. There seems to be version difference (*#0000#).
Older is 'E90 02' (red in picture) and newer is 'E90 209':

2. Bottom half is this designed differently:

3. But still, there are markings on the screen with this modified design:

And of course I tried to take engineering approach for difference, but as measured there is no difference in thickness between these two device:

In summary I would love to hear official facts behind version differences, since it's quite obvious that these bottom modifications are not going to ease that 'marking of screen' issue. I am in strong belief that every basic model is just a tryout at Nokia and i-models are the ones which brings your mobile experience to level you wished.

I think there is no way to get information from Nokia regarding this issue?

EDIT: I read from forum that nokia has told somebody that there is way to fix this by exchanging hinges?