Monday, August 6, 2007

E90 versions

After a week in Spain, I've returned just to found out that colleague of mine has acquired new E90 (mocha). I was urgent to see differences between his and mine E90 (which was bought from very first red batch).

1. There seems to be version difference (*#0000#).
Older is 'E90 02' (red in picture) and newer is 'E90 209':

2. Bottom half is this designed differently:

3. But still, there are markings on the screen with this modified design:

And of course I tried to take engineering approach for difference, but as measured there is no difference in thickness between these two device:

In summary I would love to hear official facts behind version differences, since it's quite obvious that these bottom modifications are not going to ease that 'marking of screen' issue. I am in strong belief that every basic model is just a tryout at Nokia and i-models are the ones which brings your mobile experience to level you wished.

I think there is no way to get information from Nokia regarding this issue?

EDIT: I read from forum that nokia has told somebody that there is way to fix this by exchanging hinges?

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