Saturday, July 28, 2007

Plans for secure emailing

Since next week is going to be last week of my vacation, I will spend it abroad with my family. But as usual, I have some serious business communication needs on next week and I have to be able to use GPG for encrypted email.

So how Nokia is supporting me with these E-series devices (E70 & E90), which I do have on there?

No way, it's not going to happen with Nokia only. I have to call linux to help me out there. I managed to setup one computer to be reachable over internet by SSH and installed there mutt with gpg support. So basicly I will be able to use N800 with SSH connection to access that email and E90 is spare for that.

Of course, if this would be normal business trip of mine, I would bring my trustworthy CF-18 with kubuntu 7.04 and inbuild EDGE capability for such communication needs.

This CF-18 is really robust at the moment, since I do have 16 GB Flash HD in there and it's very immune to drops and shocks it faces. I think this Flash HD thing is going to change a lot in future.

And yes, I had to do this all by myself, since Panasonic is not supporting Linux or other professional operating systems.

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