Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kernel development

I enjoyed whole summer vacation with my CF-18 toughbook, with patched kernel (2.6.21) which made touchpad working once again (default kubuntu 7.04 kernel has feature in psmouse driver, which makes touchpad unusable). Patching and testing for psmouse developers, gave me an working 2.6.21 kernel.

I was excited when Linus released official 2.6.22 version of kernel, which was supposed to include those fixes for CF-18. First things after I got back to work was reinstall fresh kubuntu 7.04 (for 16 GB flash hard drive) and compile this brand new kernel. Everything else went smoothly, but touching touchscreen gave kernel panic. I was lost.

But here comes amazing part: I emailed to main developer my confirmation of current state of psmouse driver at 8.25 on that morning and I had fixing patch in my inbox at 8.45! Catch that microsoft! Now with official 2.6.22 + one patch everything works smoothly.

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