Saturday, July 28, 2007

Switching phones

I've spend last few weeks, trying to decide which phone I was going to have for my primary business use. I have this possibility to choose mainly because my current employee, where I am responsible in various mobility related issues. Phones which have been under process are Nokias E61i, E90, 9300i and E70. Several others are also available, but mainly those can meet my demands.

E61i is great, kind of favorite for me. But E90 keeps trying, even I have smashed it before very heavily. Propably I am doomed to be switcher for rest of my life. Currently I try to make E90 work for me, it's not easy but I'll try. E90 has been critized in Finnish forums for it's hardware related issues, like markings in inner screen from keyboard. Never seen such flaming before. I have those markings also, so I keep you updated.

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