Sunday, June 14, 2009

Firmware update of E71

On last Friday, I took time and checked with one Windows machine in our office, is there a new firmware version to my crappy E71. And indeed there was. I've been wondering my E71 sluggish usage and corruptive menu graphics, which tells me that there is some serious memory leaking issues in operating system. No reboots could heal that, they tend to come up again and again.

I did firmware update to 210.x and now it remains to see, if it was worth it? Strange thing is that I cannot check version of my phone *#0000# because phone won't display anything.

All this tells you something about the frustration which I am facing with these Nokia symbian smartphones. At the beginning phone was working nicely and fast, but somehow after loaded with two email accounts and some sms messages, everything changes. It's really unacceptable.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

iPhone vs Nokia

I am Finnish engineer, I should be pressing towards Nokia innovations. But why am I watching iPhone now? I just quickly previewed WWDC 2009 keynote of iPhone and I must say, why Nokia cannot innovate like this?

There is huge difference between features in Nokia 'smartphones' and iPhone and I cannot see why. Nokia should be able to push more but they don't. Only thing I am still waiting for from Nokia is new Maemo tablet with 3G connection. Symbian is so yesterday.