Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wired business with E90

I've been happy with this 'new' E90 which replaced my first E90. Previous one has this microphone and markings on inner screen syndrome. This new suffers no such failures or at least I have not been able to detect them yet.

But when running business with E90, you try to keep charger ready where ever you are. This picture is in Brussels, where E90 needed some juice before 5 pm, after I had unplugged it from my hotel charger at morning.

So, prepare to bring charger with you on those daily trips where you just imagined to survive without that laptop and charger :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ubuntu 7.10 experiences

Days with Ubuntu 7.10 are turning into very productive ones. I've spent hours with system, mainly working with my current projects and I must say that Ubuntu differs from various other systems (including kubuntu) by being most of the time away from productive work flow. I read that somewhere in web, where it was mentioned when ubuntu and vista was compared.

Here is eye candy screenshot of my current screen

And another one which shows you compiz-fusion expose plugin result:

Europe visit Estonia

After spending week in Spain and Brussels, two days in Estonia is totally different. Wifi access is free, it's everywhere and it's working without logging in. Just turn your devices on and you're online.

This is unbelievable, after you have spent your valuable time in heart of Europe, trying to catch that access just to check your emails or some web page. So, Europe. Visit Tallinn to check out how it suppose to work. It's not hard and it's not impossible.

This trip with my CF-Y5 equipped with Ubuntu 7.10 in Tallinn has been fun and good example what todays technology is able to provide, if you choose your assets correctly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ubuntu on Panasonic CF-Y5

Ubuntu 7.10 with Panasonic CF-Y5 toughbook. It's very attractive combination with 80 GB HD, integrated 3G (HSDPA), bluetooth and 1400*1050 display.

Ubuntu 7.10 was easy to install and it delivers excellent user experience and even panasonic is not doing a thing for Linux, ubuntu does a good job.

This is my primary now.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

ubuntu 7.10 and N810

After spending week in Spain, I noticed that new version of ubuntu has been released as well as new Nokia N810 internet tablet. I really like current linux presence in our world.

I managed to download ubuntu 7.10 image in my hotel and installed it just before trip back to Finland. After using years of kubuntu, I was really interested how ubuntu would work for me. It was actually little bit cleaner, faster and sleek than kubuntu. Most notably I liked the peaceful theme which it has for default.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Maemo recruiting

It's nice to notice that Maemo is recruiting, I think this is nice.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

E90 & N800

Yes, I am finally happy with E90 hardware. It's ok in this new unit which Nokia provided to me from Salo. Still, I am strongly looking forward to have N800 Maemo platform to E90 form.
Maemo beats S60 in every sector.

So, I am looking forward for new Internet tablet and interestingly I am also waiting those WiMax capable phones from Nokia. As these things are going to have more "internet functionality" built in, instead of operator wap/mms hype, which seems to be gone for good.

Great Nokia, I am looking forward for your Internet plans.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

New E90

Yes, I was spending weekend in Brussels and I got new E90 from Nokia factory service, just before that trip. It is very interesting to see, will this work better. General outfit of this new unit is better, keyboard is softer and everything seems to be ok.

And I was also able to download new version of Navicore for this E90, just before that trip. Navicore E90 version has some bugs in spoken navigation indications, since they keep to disappear in navigation.

Now I am waiting for new firmware.