Saturday, December 24, 2011

Further with Panasonic CF-F9

I've been using now my new CF-F9 with ubuntu 11.10 alternative install and I just love this combination. I even received additional memory (+4 GB) just before Xmas and even distributor warned me about it usefulness with windows (32 bit) - there is full memory available now to my 64 bit Linux. Way to go.

This computer is really solid for carry on usage and big screen makes things productive. Only thing which is not configured at this point is 3G connection with on-board Gobi2000 module. Firmware loading is pain under Linux (big thanks to Sierra Wireless!) and I even think to replace sierra wireless with some another module working without external loaded firmware. Maybe sony ericsson have a model for that.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Panasonic CF-F9

After evaluating couple of weeks which laptop should I get to replace and relief my Thinkpad EDGE - I got totally lost. I got excited about ASUS X31 but after reading troubles with Linux on that, gave up an idea of getting it. Then I checked out multiple HP's and Lenovo models, but they were all taking forever to buy.

While been loyal user of Toughbook family, I have kept distance to latest models lately. But after evaluating possibilities, I came across two models: CF-53 or CF-F9. 53 was a bit bulky for me, so I ordered CF-F9. What I like about here in Finland is Toughbook distributor. They ship immediately and I got F9 in my hands in couple of hours. Learn that Lenovo.

But best was yet to come. I put ubuntu 11.10 alternative in for my F9 and world was open. With zero boot to windows I was already enjoying fully featured development machine with my home directory untarred in place. Learn that Windows.

This computer is part of our high security approach to few governmental projects and no skype is allowed here. XMPP rocks and disk crypto keeps mind rested while traveling. Learn that.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Windows Phone :: not so easy life

I've been playing with Windows phone for a while now and I feel sorry for Nokia. From my experiences, windows phone is nothing but pain for advanced users and too complicated for normal users. Here goes few points noted so far;

User interface is complicated. No matter what, I am quite confused all the time when using phone. For example switching between applications is some how confused. Ordinary tasks like forwarding someones number to SMS is pain and I am always lost where I am with this phone. Maybe it's just me.

I don't need xbox live etc stuff on my screen, make them disappear. I need text editor to type quick notes, straight and plain. No flying tiles and partly shown title text and other candy.

Biggest problem is music, video and photo copying to and from phone. When I plug my phone to Linux, nothing happens. Making things dependent of some proprietary binary is no go road for most of users. I see big troubles in this.

And for last; SDK's. We made program for this phone and compared to other platforms, microsoft is pain. $99 money needed, no file based deployments to phones and totally unacceptable code ecosystem for todays open source users.

Nokia, you're on wrong train now.