Sunday, August 19, 2007

Internet company - Nokia ?

This is fun, years ago when I did spoke in various forums about the MMS vs. emailing in those new Nokia smartphones - everyone smashed my thoughts. It was clearly visible that robust and mature internet protocols would make much more sense, than some 'I have to wear this suit' coder inventions for MMS.

It took around three years from Nokia, to build up this huge new strategy - where 'internet' is key for everything. Once, I have to admit that when microsoft was made to have same kind of turnover (with windows 95) to internet (from msn-network) - they did it fast.

Now there is new question: was that three years with MMS- and other operator preferred approaches too much ? If Nokia is seeing internet possibilities @2008, I think they are late, way too late. They kicked networks out to siemens and now they don't have to obey operators and if they want, there can really be open, free and usable innovations in field of internet communication.

But still. Are they able to do it? I think they should listen a lot those real engineers, who play with Linux and other standard implementations of future technology. From my point of view, they are still little off track. Licensing DRM stuff from microsoft is one example.

Be big and be a star, but know what is important.

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