Friday, August 17, 2007

Busines as usual

I've read ton's of postings in various forums, like Nokia support discussions and (in Finnish) where peoples are becoming really frustrated regarding Nokia's ignorance of E90 problems.

Especially I am amazed the Nokia policy about Nokia support discussions, where users can guess between each others what might be the reason behind every problem they see. I think this kind of 'official support' powered by ordinary users is worthless. Strongly moderated support forum backed up with Nokia's official response would be the thing - not this.

My summary of E90 problems are still valid:
  • Hardware issues regarding the keyboard markings on inner display. Nothing new in there, test market in Finland has proved the case.
  • Curren E90's software (S60) is far from usable in communicator form.
  • Hardware could support Maemo platform and thereafter you don't have to promote 'port your application to S60' (which is fading anyway) to developers.

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