Saturday, June 21, 2008

Small things make the summer

Small is beautiful. Like this combination of N810 and Asus Eee PC. Today I spent 5 minutes with Asus Eee PC and Nokia E90, just to make sure that I could use E90 as a dial up connection. I worked nicely, I just followed some detailed instruction and I was running in no time.

I also did some experiment with maemo mapper, it has really grown a lot. I managed to get NLS maps, among google and others. I really like that application. Then I spent couple of hours at our new office, just to build infrastructure ready. I managed to setup SMF forum and Zoneminder for video surveillance, so things are getting ready soon.

It seems that with N810 and Asus, I am again in situation where I consider that big E90 thing. Is it too much for me, since now I can access most of things with these two small ones. Who knows :)

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