Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back in E90

Yes, it's been really a while since last post but here it goes again. I've been very busy with family, day job and my fresh business. I've simply been around Finland and abroad a lot. I tried to learn some time handling procedures, which includes so far following attempts;

1. I registered to GooSync to have my personal phone (6120C) in sync with google calendar.
2. I installed sunbird plugin to mozilla email client, which synchronizes nicely with google calendar.
3. Changed my day job phone back to E90, due GPS and keyboard.
4. Used a LOT of N810, which is great device for web, im and skype.

But there is still issue with personal vs day job side. As soon as I can tell which to prefer, I think I need E90 to replace 6120C.

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