Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two days in home

I feels right, totally right. My shift to ubuntu from kubuntu has proven a case. It might be interesting, if I could clearly spot out those things which took me away from kubuntu. I hardly can do it, since it's also state of mind, but following things were really anoying in kubuntu (kde 4.1):
  • Stability. Dolphin among other programs kept crashing.
  • Visual problems. Firefox and thunderbird suffered from scrollbar bug. Firefox was totally broken to render pages with select buttons and dropdowns. Very strange.
  • Desktop switching. I got addicted to ubuntu's excellent feature where mouse wheel on desktop switches current desktop. I could not find such a feature in kde?
  • Desktop 'glass'. I like my desktop more to be accesable for some icons and temporary data. I did not like kde's current approach where desktop has only widgets.
  • Mapping shares and accessing those was somehow problematic.
So now with ubuntu and it does not stand in my way.

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