Friday, May 1, 2009

N810 vs Acer Aspire One

Day before I bought this Acer Aspire One netbook, I witnessed my Nokia N810 internet tablet touch screen failure. I read from tableteer website, that it's quite common problem with N810. Now I am thinking, will I get it never repaired?

My eyes were opening with this Acer, since price and features are worth mentioning. Most things which I missed mostly in my N810, are now possible:
  • Standard processor platform (it's just too much to have SDK environment to do cross compiling for some fast code tryout)
  • Application pool with decent amount of software. N810 and ubuntu repositories are just not compareable.
  • Possibility to use Thunderbird with enigmail plugin (gpg emails are requirement for my business)
  • Keyboard. N810 has it, but doing some emailing requires just a bit more.
Last thing which should act as eye opener for Nokia is the price. How they dare to ask 500-900 € of 'smart phone', which is not smart enough to deliver encrypted email possibility and to break free from operators cage. Think about it.

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