Thursday, April 16, 2009

Services; Nokia vs Google

It was indeed fun to read in Finnish media, how Nokia explained situation and future on Q1 result publishing. Kallasvuo said that services are key for the future and how touchscreen phone with music service is something which consumers want.

I doubt that, since after I tried 5800 model, it was far from usable and quite cumbersome. Comes with music service is also something that I could not care less, mainly because Nokia spoiled first miles with DRM issues in there. All this brings me to think, what is difference between good and bad service? How peoples are talking all the time about Google and Apple instead of Nokia?

Simple mind has simple thoughts. I bet that Google and Apple are like Linux, while Nokia is like Microsoft. This associates something which turns againts Nokia. In my mind at least.

If I compare things that Google delivers in field of services to things what Nokia is trying to deliver, I see this same difference in my everyday IT habits: if I compare my Linux possibilities to Windows 'possibilities'.

Think about it.

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