Saturday, April 25, 2009

Forgive me Nokia

I have been loyal user of your phones, smart phones and normal ones. But while I visited today local Gigantti store here in Finland - I came across some internal vision. While I bought this Acer aspire one for 150 €, I took look at smart phone offerings from Nokia. E75 was something like 475 € or so, making it look pretty stupid along these mini laptops.

This new 'baby laptop' is so much more than 'this is what computers have became' smart phones. I bet Nokia has to recognize this? With their phones or 'computers' I just cannot do things, which are possible with ubuntu on my mini laptop. Costing just a fraction.

Of course, when this vision is just a geeks one - it probably does not matter, but I met in store older gentleman who was buying same Acer because 'his vista sucks'. I think this is very strong signal of something. I really hope that Nokia will officially announce their Linux usage plans on phones, since if they miss this, it might be fatal. Since when these 150 € pc's with Linux are holding internal 3G modem, game is over.

Bellow is picture of Nokia's HQ in Espoo, Finland. Taken at 25.4.2009 with my E71.

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