Saturday, April 24, 2010

SSD is here

SSD is here. Just spent some money for Kingston SSDnow V+ series drive and Intel X25-V. Plans include to put them in real work today.

Playing with Linux is nice, because I just can download latest version, tar my home directory and I am ready to switch. There is no hassle with various other softwares, everything is included. Few apt-get install commands and I am back on track (hopefully) with my SSD installation. I plan to install kingston to my Thinkpad EDGE and intel to one customer project running Linux as well. And yes, I also got new USB hard drive, Lacie rikiki - which I use to transfer all data from place to place. Thing I did for Lacie was luks format and ext3, so no windows dummies are able to explore my data in case I lost my drive.

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