Saturday, April 24, 2010

N97 mini disaster

I've been playing with new N97 mini and other symbian devices as we acquired mini for some evaluation purposes this week. I tried to adjust my functions to end user mode and checked out various N97 mini issues along a way.

Few things crossed my mind:
  • N97 mini is nice hardware, quality built.
  • Keyboard is missing accent charters (ä and ö) which are needed way too often in Finnish language. This is real pain.
  • S60 with tweaked touch support is disaster. It's lacking and is totally missing user experience.
  • Comes with music is nice, but DRM is killing this. No future as big audience finds out this DRM non sense. I rather use for DRM free MP3's.
And where N900 beats N97 mini and other symbian devices; integrated and third party IM-client support. Our functions are heavily based to open IM solutions and XMMP plays major role in there. No wonder Nokia is in difficult position, they need operators (especially in US) and while playing with them, they lose in technology.

I see symbian to fit low end keyboard devices, but please Nokia. Face it, Symbian is dead in high level devices and no matter what Kallasvuo is saying, drop it. I recall times when epoc/symbian was something and it was back in 1995 in my Psion.

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