Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lenovo Thinkpad Edge - I never saw windows 7

My trustworthy Panasonic CF-w7 got tired. Toughbook was not tought enough and fan tired first and our rescue attempt failed miserably. So, I took a fast decision to fulfil my business computing needs with Lenovo Thinkpad Edge (13.3").

I bought it from for 887 €. I just walked in and google searched some Linux support and while it was clear that Intel model was ok with Ubuntu, I took a decision to move forward. And now follows the nicest part.

After getting back to office, I gave windows 7 a change and looked sticker on machine. After that USB stick in and ubuntu 9.10 alternative got installed in this. Copied few tar files containing my personal data and email home directory and I was ready to fly. Everything works out of the box nicely, except Gobi modem. Firmware files blew with a windows and I need to hunt them down somewhere. I bet qualcom cannot help me there. No problem, help from corporate side has never been useful.

So for my Linux fellows; this is nice, cheap and solid computer. Supporting nicely Linux. Just remember to stay far away of AMD version of this same model. Black and Intel is working.

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