Thursday, April 15, 2010

Impressions of Lenovo EDGE

After two nights, I am still happy owner of Lenovo EDGE laptop. Even I do not have firmware files for Gobi modem, I believe I fetch them somewhere later on.

Ubuntu 9.10 alternative brings me all benefits being mobile worker, when needed. I can sync my desktop and laptop contents, handle secure emailing and enjoy fully encrypted hard drive, making my business safe and sound. I do not have to worry buying virus protection (79 € / year), microsoft office (236 € / year) or other windows magic, I just keep pushing my limits with secure, scalable and easy to use Linux.

What makes be happy with Lenovo Edge is big screen and decent keyboard. What I do not like is touch bad, which is kind of troubled place all the time. Front edge is too sensitive and using touch pad buttons leads often to mouse movement as well.

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