Friday, January 15, 2010

Nokia booklet 3G - marketing organization only?

While running some backups, I got couple of hours to spend with this Nokia booklet 3G device. I discarded idea of utilising it just week ago. Back then I found out that Intel chipset is poorly supported in Linux (ubuntu 9.10), but regardless of that I found a way to make it work. And guess what, with a help from community.

So those guys who got our money for this device (@nokia) were unable to deliver Linux solution for this hardware. Community was faster and better equipped. I really hope that Linux will be supported in future. I just cannot understand why I should run windows 7 starter edition on this machine, when I can reach to future with Linux. Who is to tell me that I just need 4 programs running simultaneously (like in windows 7) or other non sense related to microsoft technologies.

Now I am enjoying this piece of hardware with full blown Linux distribution and everything just works. Well, almost. GPS is something special and I cannot find it right now.

All this got me how ever to think about Nokia and their role with this device. They get a operating system from microsoft and hardware from taiwan manufacturer (?) and only brand is from Nokia. Are they doomed?

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