Sunday, January 31, 2010

N900 experiences

After I last year acquired my Nokia N900, I've found out that I do quite a lot things with it. It's still standalone device, I do not sync my calendar anywhere - but it keeps well track of my IMAP mail boxes and web is always there. I did one major upgrade to system by flashing, things went smoothly and user data was intact.

Overall I have to say that Nokia has built remarkable device as it now. However, I am still complaining about missing API's to achieve even more with my own program. I was able to do programs with maemo sdk, they read GPS, cell-id and other things - but communication is totally blocked. How do I send SMS out from that thing, how do I parse incoming messages? Currently Nokia is unable to support this and it's strange. Android has very decent documentations of API's to access these services.

Dear Nokia: I am totally tired of 'coin toss' applications. Let me do something useful.

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