Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Elisa viihdekaista

Finnish operator Elisa has been running around me (and probably other Finnish customers also) to gain upgrade for my adsl connection. They deliver now 8M connection for me 42€/month and would like to offer 39€/month "elisa viihde" (elisa entrainment) package. They deliver tv-channels over IP and offer also rental video service along the way for this new package.

I am almost willing to switch, but I am fully fed up with brainless phone sales guys and lack of decent information how they were implementing that service. My Linux users back at home are not happy if such a wonderful thing is only working on windows based systems. Answer from sales rep was that 'there are instructions with the package'. Well, that's just not enough for me.

Answer these questions Elisa and you get my money;
  • How you stream channels for me over IP. VLC compatible or something else?
  • Is there DRM on rental videos (probably unusable on Linux if so)?
  • What's the difference from excellent tvkaista.fi service (which I already paid for)..

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