Saturday, January 23, 2010

Navigate me Nokia

After getting back from London and Amsterdam, I must say that day in London was very nice. I took business meetings with my ubuntu equipped Nokia Booklet and could really enjoy lightness and awesome battery life. My details were in safe by fully encrypted hard drive and carrying plain booklet around was pleasure. No need to pay extra for hard drive encryption, no need to worry about f-secure taking my resources up etc.

I just compare this to what I noticed from business traveller sitting next to me on flight form Helsinki. He had also N900 and booklet and became very interested how I use my booklet with ubuntu. He complained at start about windows 7 starter edition, office and f-secure. Totally impossible combination. I said that I do all those things with booklet also and enjoy fully encrypted hard drive to protect my business. Except that I run ubuntu 9.10 on it.

But actually this suits me well, I really enjoy that (possible) competitors are using windows when ever they can and play their future against it. Just go for it.

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