Saturday, November 17, 2007

Windows - painful experience

It arrived yesterday. My coding laptop HP 6710b. It was a bit bigger what I thought, but after all it's very basic 15.1" laptop for business. Display is nice 1680*1050 resolution and over all appearance is solid.

But as usual, Microsoft part of it was pain. I booted it and Vista started it's preparations and after that HP own software started it's installation. Over two hours of that, I decided to do recovery DVD's and an another hour went by. I got my computer at 10 am and after 2 pm I was ready to wipe that Vista.

I had over 10 minute experiences of Vista in there and when ever I chose a program from menu - it kept asking 'are you sure that you trust to this and this can be run?'. I cannot see any future for such a system.

But Ubuntu was breeze, with in 15 minutes it was installed and everything worked right out of the box.

I have a nice story about HP customer support and Vista installation under vmware, but I'll make an another post of it later.

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