Thursday, November 22, 2007

E90 still in service, E61i got upgraded

While E90 is still (and again) in service, I was greeted with new firmware availability for E61i (2.0633.65.01). Update went smoothly and now I am enjoying this solid workhorse with notably faster firmware.

It's been *very* interesting to watch Nokia with this E90 saga. They are not publishing any advertisements for E90 (here in Finland) and whole product seem to be faded away.

It's a shame, since last upgrade for E90 firmware was really making difference for GPS functionality and I felt really comfortable with it. But apparently there are some issues with this new firmware , since after that upgrade E90's external keyboard got this strange pressings syndrome (eg. from pressing 5, display showed *74). From my point of view, it must be software glitch.

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