Saturday, November 17, 2007

HP Customer support and Vista

Referring to previous posts, you probably remember that I've been starting to do some business together with couple of colleagues. We have put up a firm, targeted to develop something very interesting.

For that oblivious reason, I became a company customer to HP when I acquired a laptop from them. I also issued question to HP, am I able to use that Vista license under Linux hosted vmware, as a guest operating system. Answer was simple (from HP customer care); "of course you can". But I knew there was a catch in there.

When I indicated that I certainly would like to do that, because I own Vista license (even my primary working environment is based on all Linux approach - it would be nice to have that spyware magnet around). So, next question killed the fun from customer care. Since I knew that I cannot use those recovery DVD's to restore Vista to vmware, I asked how should I proceed?

HP customer care answered me; you can use it legally, but "you just have to get that (installable) media somewhere.." I asked from them that it's little strange that when I own rights to have something, I am allowed to use it in that way - I still have no meaningful ways to do it.

So, now I am after some copy of Vista installation media...

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