Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coding laptop for personal use

Today I ordered HP 6710b laptop (GB892ET) for my own firm. Primary purpose for such a computer would be of course coding and developing. I issued couple of points to HP as a question - I know I will not get any decent answers to those, but here they go:

I buy that laptop with Windows VISTA (business) version. I have therefore license for this operating system. I will reformat computer and install Linux as primary operating system. As a owner of Vista, am I able to do following:

1. I install VMWare server for Linux host operating system. Can I restore Vista to one of the virtual machines ?

I think this Windows conspiracy sucks, it prevents our business to expand at it's full and limits too much of an innovations. I am happy that there are Linux for professional use - I really hope that computer manufacturers starts to support it.

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