Sunday, December 16, 2007

Switch from Sonera to Elisa

Yes, yesterday I proceed to switch my personal GSM subscribe from Sonera to Elisa. Main reason for me was fixed price data packet.

I almost got hold of whole family packet, since our GSM usage is rising and I need to find more suitable solution for us. But I backed of in Elisa store, since they almost got me in 2 year contract and that's what I don't like. Things for Elisa (and also to others who sell these 2 year contracts + phone):

1. I don't like prices like 33,90 €. Make it 34 if you need.
2. If I ask, how to terminate 2 year contract after year or so, please answer correctly. Now answer was like "you don't kind of terminate it..." or "you are obligated to this 2 years'..
3. If you try to explain me, how it's more profitable for me to get this phone free along with contract - don't expect user to be silly, Elisa is not giving free phones away - there is catch for this always.

So, for now we go without 2 year contract.

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