Saturday, December 8, 2007

Navicore and Nokia Maps

As I yesterday evening got urgent call to reach unknown address, I came aware that there are multiple solutions for navigation which I have bought and therefore they should be usable for this situation:

1. Company Tom Tom was in office, out of reach
2. Nokia MAPS works on my E90, but I am unable to buy navigation license due sim restriction which our company has.
3. Navicore Europe just says "Cannot activate license in 14 days" when I swiched my E61i to E90 (once again).

So plenty of solutions, but all of them totally unusable in this case. But, once again - Google surprises me positively. I have downloaded new google maps for my E90 and it includes great navigation feature as well. It's kind of manual, you have to step those navigation points, but it works great with on board GPS of E90.

Once again, I have to give my vote to google for this great service. I wish Nokia and others could learn something from this. Google has special way to deliver first great user experience, while nokias focus is in billing experience.

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