Saturday, July 9, 2016

Early verdict on CF-20 running Linux

After few days with Toughbook CF-20, here goes initial impressions running this thing with Linux.  

First - even when this device is small, it makes form factor to very pleasing to move and travel with. I managed to attach camera strap on display for easy carry. There is actually two different position where this kind of strap can be attached.

Secondly I applied some black sticker on back of display, hiding that all silver color of original back and Panasonic Toughbook logo's. Mainly I do this because reflections to my vehicle windows when using in drive situations. And top of all, I was very pleased how it makes this device look like in total.

-> Will update picture of that new black later today.


This small laptop has more interfaces I could ever imagine. First time I have thing where I can have two wired LAN ports available. HDMI and VGA is there as RS-232 with 9-pin D-connector(!). USB's, SD and MicroSD card readers included as well (yes, two of those!).

I can hardly wait to get this thing side of Mac Powerbook user (with single USB C in that).


Travel ahead 

I am looking to take some serious travel with CF-20 in coming weekend. 

I've done these trips before with CF-54, which is good workstation for developer, but this time I check can I manage with smaller one. From this, that strap alone for carrying computer has been only thing which I've missed on my CF-54. Carrying it always with an handle takes one hand away.

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